Marine Transport

Transport of of full containers or piece shipments
Transoceanic, or “puddle jumping” across the European seas
From pick-up, to port, to delivery to the customer.


Jakub Jeník, Managing Partner, 15 years of experience in shipping:

At Wave Logistic, we offer comprehensive transport solutions that reach accross the world. This includes „crosstrade“ shipments in which the country of the customer is different than the country of departure and destination. Container shipping constitutes a significant part of the logistics chain as well as a large portion of our company’s business.”


Full Container Load (FCL):

Regular all-container transport (export / import) for all types of sea containers
(20 40, 40″, high cube, open top, flat rack, reefer)

  • Favorable contract rates
  • transport of goods to and from European ports (short sea transport) – alternative road transport solutions, fixed sail dates, comptetitive prices and transit times (45 ft PW containers)
  • cargo insurance: additional insurance of goods beyond the scope of the bills of lading
  • package tracking
  • complete documentation (export or import customs clearance, customs debt guarantee, shipment insurance, bill of lading issue – B / L)
  • complete logistics services including packaging and fumigation of overseas packaging, reloading of goods, unloading and loading of containers, special transport – dangerous goods (IMO goods), transport of passenger cars, trucks, etc.

Less than full Container Load (LCL)

Because a large percentage of shipments are smaller in volume than sea container capacity, it is ideal to consolidate different shipments into a single, less-than-full container load (LCL). In this case, the customer only pays for the carriage of the actual volume or weight that their shipment in the collection container requires, not for transporting the entire container.

  • Thanks to our global shipping connections, we are able to arrange transport of LCL shipments from all over the world.
  • In cooperation with our partners, we offer multiple solutions differing in price and time delivered. For each shipment we try to find at least 2 possible shipping solutions.

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